Join Vincent on one of his Wild Scenics Photo Expeditions; these are not like just any other photographic safari, workshop or trip, no these are all unique adventures of photographic exploration. Not designed for the masses, but for individuals and small groups of photographers that are looking for a true African adventure full of visual discovery and excitement and who are after something different or want to explore the less visited (and photographed) places. The nature of these expeditions will be tuned to the participant’s objectives and photographic interests. For not so experienced photographers it can, if they so wish, be workshop like and be filled with instructional elements. The focus can be on wildlife, birds or landscapes or a combination of these. Advanced photographers often know what images they want to make and I will assist them in trying to create the shooting situations to enable this. Things like location, positioning, time of year and day, understanding of animal behaviour as well as organising good local guides and trackers then become very important.

Itineraries can be designed for different comfort-levels, something which generally is directly correlated to costs as well.

We offer two different concepts being Scheduled Photo Expeditions and Custom-designed Photo Expeditions.