Lion Kill ends up in ‘Terre Sauvage’

Terre Sauvage MAR 2017 A l attaque- Lions and Giraffe 1_1000pxI am proud to announde that my Lion Kill images of last year, whereby two male lions chased, took down and devoured a large adult bull giraffe, ended up in a beautiful feature in the world-renowned French nature magazine ‘Terre Sauvage’.

Apart from that it also features in the latest issue of ‘Discover Botswana (2017)’ and some smaller publications, including the British ‘Daily Mail’.

I wish my landscape images would sell like this.It all goes to show how much people like ‘savage’ and action-packed imagery I guess…

Terre Sauvage MAR 2017 A l attaque- Lions and Giraffe 2_1000px





Botswana’s Wildlife Photographer of the year!

During the second half of my Namibia photo trip this past January/February I had no access to internet whatsoever. Apart from being mostly in the bundu, my phone was not co-operating, wi-fi in places I stayed was not working, and so on… Only when I returned home did I learn I had been announced as the winner to the of the Cameras for Conservation – Botswana Wildlife Photographer of the year competition! Needless to say, I am honoured.

This image was the overall winning image – ‘Sua Serenity’:

A single grey heron stands motionless in the shallow waters of the immense Sua Pan slat flats at dusk

A single grey heron stands motionless in the shallow waters of the immense Sua Pan slat flats at dusk

To see all the great winning images of the competition please check the Cameras for Conservation website:



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About a territorial dispute

We had been observing the tension between two rival Waterbuck bulls for a few days when one day a chase happened right in front of us. The images tell the tale…




The one that got his ass butted fled into the dangerous crocodile infested river.

What these images do not tell is how the story really ended. A few weeks later the dominant bull was drinking from the river when a crocodile caught him and took his lower jaw off. The rival bull seized the opportunity and pushed the seriously wounded bull back into the river; the crocs had a feast! This I heard from my regular boat driver who is on the river every day…


Honorable Mentions in IPA Photo Awards 2013

Many Honorable Mentions again in this year’s IPA Photo Awards!

No win however this time, but no less then 12 honorable mentions in 5 different categories is certainly something! Below are the links to all honored images as well as a small selection.

Baines’ Baobabs’ (Categories: Landscapes & Trees)

Baines' Baobabs in the wet season

Tree on a rock (Trees)

Rhodes' under the stars

Kalahari Light Shows (Landscapes)

Kalahari Light Show (Night Photography)

African Wildlife in Silhouette  (Categories: Wildlife & Sunset)

Sense of scale


















Elephant Twist (Wildlife)

Elephant twist



















The Giants of Chobe (Wildlife)

Feeling small

Watercolour painting (Wildlife)

White Elephants (Wildlife)

Elephants of the Chobe River (Wildlife)

Elephants drinking from the Chobe river